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Skippered or bareboat rental in Italy with SamBoat: sailboats, motor yacht, RIB, catamaran, sailing yacht, houseboats, we offer a wide range of rental boats from 50€/day. With the best luxury yachts on sale, SamBoat helps you find a private yacht charter for a perfect cruise vacation.

Perfect destination for visitors

Italy is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the sea, the vibrant colors and the food that will certainly satisfy the palate. Italy is a peninsula surrounded by 7,458 kilometers of Mediterranean coastline. The short coast shows spectacular attractions, secret bays, sandy beaches and coves that make it perfect for any kind of holiday. In our opinion, renting a boat and seeing it from a different angle is the best way to see the wonderful country. The coast provides sailing line-of-sight and picturesque seaside towns.

Availability and cost

Throughout Italy, the high season typically begins at the end of May and continues into the first weeks of September. During this time, due to improved sailing conditions and high demand for ships, you can pay a premium. Depending on the type of ship you want to hire, average prices for larger catamarans vary from € 192 to € 400. You can rent them with skipper or as a bareboat for most boats in Italy. Check every boat for the different skipper pricing. The average price varies with the type of boat you want to hire and the size of the boat.

Yacht accessibility

As described earlier, it will require booking well in advance for the high season from May to September. If your venture is a high season yacht charter, you should book well in advance of March. Much of the fleet is booked by mid-March, like most popular destinations. In November or December, preparations will usually start to give you enough time to sort out your project. After March, more than 50% of the boat hire italy are booked. Depending on the starting point, the numbers will fluctuate.


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